We offer various support services to ensure a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience for customers. Such as:

Customer Service: We assist our customer via email, phone, or live chat to address inquiries related to products, orders, shipping, and general assistance.

Order Tracking: Providing tracking information and order status updates to customers to monitor their purchases.

Comprehensive Product Information: Detailed descriptions, sizing charts, material information, and images to aid customers in making informed decisions.

Flexible Return and Refund Policies: Clear policies for returns, exchanges, and refunds, ensuring a hassle-free process for customers.

Accessibility: Ensuring the website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, by following accessibility guidelines.

Personalized Recommendations: Utilizing customer purchase history or browsing behavior to offer tailored product recommendations.

Live Chat Support: Real-time assistance during browsing or checkout to address immediate concerns or questions.

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We encourage our customers to carefully unboxed all items bought when delivered to them to avoid what we called DDU damaged during unboxing but If you find out that your order is damaged from the moment you carefully unboxed your order, please kindly contact us through our email at contact@adfinitix.com or chat any of our customer representative on live chat and return and replacement of the damaged goods will be done.

A minimum of 1 week and maximum of 4 weeks, depending on your location

Yes you can. Any customer that make a large purchase on our website from $500 upward is considered a premium customer and will be offered a wholesale price package

Yes of course as a customer you can expedite the shipping of your goods to arrive at your destination faster than expected. All you need is speak to our customer care and they will guide you on what courier service plan that we use to ship faster and affordable.